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Upcoming Meets - Local
Listed at the bottom of this page are the National and Worlds.

August and September will be Rest Period from any Running Activity for SFOWGIK !!!  Unlike me August was a FAT LOADING period.  September will be general fitness with no high impact on hip, knee or ankle joints.  Weights, yoga, P90X, swim, and bike will be the activities.

July 19 - Aug 1 - Senior National State Games , Cleveland, OH ---- Finally some hardware to speak about.  Set the 55-59 age group NATIONAL RECORD FOR 50 METERS time of   6.74  into a -2.2 m/s negative wind.  Gold in both the 200 and 400 meter dashes.  Silver in the 100 meter dash and the 4x100 meter relay.

July 21 - GA State Games - Marietta, GA  - No GO
July 11-14 - USATF Masters Outdoor Championships - Kansas -  No Go - Don't want a 2008 re-occurrence.

June 22 - Golf Coast Assoc. Masters Championship
June 22 - Alabama Stat Games - Samford T&F in Hoover, AL - Tragedy strikes Injury delay Alabama Gold Medal for grandson, Colt.  
June 8 - USATF FL Association Open & Masters Championships - Ansin Sports Complex, Miramar, FL.
June 1&2 - USATF GA Association Open & Masters Championships - Emory University

May 25 -  USATF Southwest T&F Championship, SMU Baton Rouge, LA - A No Go for me.... Colt's Visit
May 24 -  BAYTAF Classic - University of South FL, Tampa - No Go: G-Pop trip to see Colt Allen Davis 1 month old.

May 18 - USATF Florida Association Open/Master Championship
  100 Meter in 12.31 Gold - At the last minute the organizers combine a Youth event.  When you know in advance that's fine.  But to change the format without notice was not cool.  They had issues with Open/Masters proper ages and had to reseed the events which took 2 extra hours. Originally I was in with the faster masters which was perfect, just the right competition.  On the reseed it was myself plus 2 guys from the 60+ age group.  As Coach Cliff said on the ride home, I looked like I wanted to prove to the officials that they made a mistake to seed based on age not based on time. 
   400 & 200 did not happen due to the delays and with S.Florida at this time of the year, the afternoons are always a chance of rain and/or lighten.  Well at 4 PM just 5 minutes before the 400 meter start, Lighten Warning and Rain.  Thus getting up at 5 AM to pick up coach at 6:15 to be at the track by 7:30 for the running events to start at 8:30 was for NOT !!!!  12 hours for a track day to only get the 100 Meters in the wrong heat is just one for the BOOKS !! 
  I want to leave this day on this note:  On Wednesday May 15, my 56th birthday was a fun day at the Breaker's West Golf Course for the 19th Ed Morse MDA Charity Golf EventWe are BLESSED to be able to do such a great sport when there are others much less fortunate then us.  As I left the golf outing, I was walking out next to a boy age 8 who is inflicted with Muscular Dystrophy.  Looking down I admired his sneakers and watching him walk with some difficulty just caught my emotions.  We fist pumped and I told him to have a great time at camp and as I walked away ...........  We are BLESSED !! 

April 26 - 119th Penn Relays at Franklin Field, University of Pennsylvania
   100 Meter in 12.45 Bronze - Just coming off a pulled Hamstring on 4/2/2013  Thank you Dr. Rodman
   4x100 Meter Relay - Silver Medal by Houston Elite 50* team

March 22-23 - USATF Masters Indoor Championship
  60 Meter 8.03 Stood straight up coming out of the blocks and Karen's said "What was That?"
  200 Meter 26.xx Bronze Medal
  400 Meter 59.40 Bronze Medal... Lesson Learned - Never give up the Pole at the Break.

March 16, 2013 - University of Miami
   100 Meter 12.62  and 200 Meter 25.74

March 14, 2013 - FIU Felsberg Invitational
  400 Meter -DNF (Did Not Finish) After 50 Meters out of the Blocks forgot to breath for the next 80+ meters and completed the body of oxygen and had to stop at 300 meters.

Dream List of Events for Master's Track & Field Events:
I will maintain two list of events in this section: Major Meets which may be meets I hope to participate and Local meets that may not be so Local which I hope to have on my Dream List of events.  Hope to see you on the TRACK !!!
January 1, 2013
Japanese TV Stars - The USA Men's Master Relay Team of Craig Davis, Tom Jones, Marty Krulee and Oscar Payton perform in the Hoko-Tate reality competition TV Show.  Watch the show on my Welcome home page.
Fuji TV's "Hoko Tate" (Spear and Shield), a variety show that stages real-world challenges mostly for laughs, such as pitting a team of 11-year-old boys against a team of 55-year-old men in physical contests.


March 22-24, 2013
Indoor Master's Track & Field Championship
Landover, Maryland @ Prince George's Sports Complex

April 25-27, 2013
Penn Relays
Franklin Field-University of Pennsylvania
Click Here for Penn Relays Web Site

July 18-21,2013
Outdoor Masters Track & Field Championship
Olathe, Kansas

July 20 - August 1, 2013
National Senior Games
Cleveland, Ohio

August 3-11, 2013
World Maters Games
Torino, Italy

October16-27, 2013
World Masters Athletics Championship
Porto Alegre, Brazil