My Children, Chris and Keri, plan on to have this placed on my tombstone. "CRABS IN THE BUCKET".  Read this link but this is my twist.  If you place on crab in the bucket he can climb out, if you put 2 in the bucket they both eventually will get out of the bucket but they are climbing all of each other to get their. If you have a whole bucket full of crabs then no one will get out and there are all kinds of body parts, blood and gore.  Don't let others or yourself to be "The Crab In YOUR Bucket" which keeps you from your successes or dreams.

Unfortunately for my children they have heard me turn their painful live circumstances into the here>>>> we go again
    Why are you letting those crabs effect you and your life?
   You are to blame if you allow not those crabs.... you dictate your out come not them. 

Love you, Karen, Chris and Keri.

Sharing is Fundamental:  Being involved with any group or organization is basic human interaction.  The joy I have experienced from competitors at Youth, Open, Master and Senior Track & Field events have been priceless.  Honing your craft takes dedication, sweat, laughs and tears.  But the payoffs can be interesting and here are a few.
1- Yes we get Medals or Pats on the Back.
2- At the 2013 Florida International Senior Games - My wife won a Diamond Give away at the Celebration of Athletes.  Well we finally got paid for my efforts.
3-  Love when my wife is in the stands and she hears someone say "Look at how fast that Little Old White Boy can run"  and her reply " That's my Little Old White Boy"
4- It's a complement when you have other competitors come up and ask if you are running any other events because they love to watch you RUNNING FORM.
Last but not Least!  Sharing training advise - both giving and receiving